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Demand for Self-Directed IRA on the Rise In 2016 as Clients Looking to Use Cash to Purchase Real Estate

February 25th, 2016

With lack of financing available, self-directed IRA LLC investors using cash taking advantage of attractive real estate opportunities across the country IRA Financial Group, the leading provider of checkbook control self-directed IRA LLC solutions, announces the finding of its internal client survey on self-directed IRA investments, which found that the ability to use retirement funds […]

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Potential Drawbacks of Using ROBS to Buy a Business

February 18th, 2016

When it comes to using retirement funds to buy or finance a business that you or another “disqualified person” will be involved in personally, there is only one legal way to do it and that is through the Business Acquisition Solution, also known as a Rollover Business Start-Up solution (ROBS). The ROBS solution takes advantage […]

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Converting Your Retirement Plan to a Self-Directed Roth IRA

February 11th, 2016

IRA Rollovers to the Self-Directed Roth IRA Conversion In general, Roth IRA conversions and retirement plan rollovers to a Roth IRA are taxable events. The reason for this is a Roth IRA is an after-tax account that allows for tax-free distributions if certain rules are satisfied. A conversion is a taxable movement of cash or […]

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What is Unrelated Business Taxable Income?

February 3rd, 2016

The tax advantage of an IRA is that income is tax-free until distributed. In general, an exempt organization is not taxed on its income from an activity that is substantially related to the charitable, educational, or other purpose that is the basis for the organization’s exemption. Such income is exempt even if the activity is […]

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