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Why You Should Have a Self-Directed IRA in 2018

January 9th, 2018

A Self-Directed IRA LLC is a type of IRA that allows the IRA holder (you) to gain control over your retirement funds so you have the ability to self-direct the type investments that you want to make using your retirement funds. With a traditional Self-Directed IRA, you as the IRA holder must direct the IRA […]

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Top Self-Directed IRA Provider – IRA Financial Group – Announces New Self-Directed IRA Prohibited Transaction Review Service

July 6th, 2017

New self-directed IRA prohibited transaction review service will be offered to all IRA Financial Group clients IRA Financial Group, the leading provider of “checkbook control” self-directed IRA and solo 401(k) Plans, announces the introduction of a self-directed IRA prohibited transaction review service. IRA Financial Group’s new self-directed IRA prohibited transaction review service will be available […]

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When Do the UBTI Rules Come Into Play with a Self Directed IRA?

June 1st, 2017

In general, when it comes to using a Self Directed IRA to make investments most investments are exempt from federal income tax. This is because an IRA is exempt from tax pursuant to Internal Revenue Code 408 and Section 512 of the Internal Revenue Codes exempt most forms of investment income generated by an IRA […]

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Do You Need a Special Custodian to Invest with a Self-Directed IRA?

May 25th, 2017

Pursuant to Section 408 of the Internal Revenue Code, an IRA must be established by a bank, financial institution, or authorized trust company.  Thus, a bank such as Wells Fargo, financial institution such as Vanguard, or a trust company such as the IRA Financial Trust Company are authorized to establish and administer IRAs.  The main […]

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IRA Financial Group Expands Self-Directed IRA CPA Service In Light of New March 15th Partnership Filing Deadline

March 9th, 2017

 The Highway Act accelerates the due date to March 15 for filing Self-Directed IRA LLC partnership tax returns and issuing Schedules K-1 to partners IRA Financial Group, the leading provider of self-directed IRA LLC and Solo 401(k) Plans, is proud to announce the expansion of its self-directed IRA Accounting and CPA service to accommodate the […]

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Valuing Alternative Assets In A Self-Directed IRA

March 1st, 2017

This article originally appeared on, written by our own Adam Bergman – Every IRA custodian is required to report annually to the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) the fair market value of each IRA it holds. The IRA custodian will report the fair market value of the IRA to the IRS using IRS Form 5498. […]

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2017 IRA Contribution Limits to Remain the Same

November 16th, 2016

IRA Annual Contribution Limits To Remain the Same as 2016 For 2017, the IRA contribution limits will remain the same as 2016.  For individuals under the age of 50, the maximum Self-Directed IRA contribution for 2017 will be $5500, the same of 2016.  For individuals over the age of 50, the maximum Self-Directed IRA contribution […]

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IRA Financial Group Sees Increased Demand for Self-Directed IRA in Light of New IRA Fiduciary Rules

November 2nd, 2016

Potential reduction in IRA investment options from traditional financial institutions leading to strong interest in self-directed IRA IRA Financial Group, the market’s leading provider of self-directed IRA plans, has seen a surge in demand from IRA clients looking to establish a self-directed IRA in light of the new IRA fiduciary rules. The Labor Departments new […]

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Is the Self Directed IRA Protected from Creditors?

October 26th, 2016

Retirement accounts have become many Americans’ most valuable assets. That means it is vital that you have the ability to protect them from creditors, such as people who have won lawsuits against you. In general, the asset/creditor protection strategies available to you depend on the type of retirement account you have (i.e. Traditional, IRA, Roth […]

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Kellerman Case Shows Why Not to Mix Personal and Retirement Funds to Invest

August 31st, 2016

IN RE: KELLERMAN, Cite as 115 AFTR 2d 2015-1944 (531 B.R. 219), Code Sec(s) 408; 4975, (Bktcy Ct AR), 05/26/2015 Please click here to read the case summary. The Kellerman case involved a construction company owner and wife/LLC co-owners (the Kellermans) who were denied a claim for bankruptcy estate exemption for Mr. Kellerman’s Self-Directed IRA. […]

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